Daft Punk is the greatest electronic duo of all-time, and if you don’t agree – wax off! I’m normally not a fan of live albums due to all of the background noise, however Alive 2007‘s high production quality helps tune out the crowd and presents a new listening experience for their material. The record contains various mash-ups and reworks of the band’s music from Homework, Discovery and Human After All, versus the typical live set which lacks freshness. The album brings a new life to their music, blending years of work together and providing a new spin on old favorites with overlapping samples of songs. The transitions between tracks are flawless without ever skipping a beat, furnishing the ultimate mix for fans of Daft Punk’s earlier work.


Favorite Tracks:
1. One More Time/Aerodynamic
2. Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger
3. Television Rules The Nation/Crescendolls
4. Touch It/Technologic
5. Robot Rock/Oh Yeah

Random Fact: The record won the Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album in 2009.


Alabama Shakes’ frontwoman Brittany Howard is taking the rock scene by storm with her newest project/alter ego, Thunderbitch. Besides having one of the most badass names in music, Thunderbitch has delivered one of the rowdiest albums of the year. The record mixes garage and punk rock styles, producing an edgy spin-off from her blues rock roots. Rebellious, high-energy tracks are abundant on this debut, reminiscent of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”. There’s no doubt that Howard’s vocal abilities are strong, however her range is not as adventurous on this album compared to Shakes’ Sound & Color which was only released four months earlier.


Favorite Tracks:
1. Leather Jacket
2. Eastside Party
3. I Just Wanna Rock n Roll
4. Closer
5. Very Best Friend

Random Fact: The group first appeared in 2012 at a hot wings joint shortly after Alabama Shakes earned several Grammy nominations for their debut record.

Chet Faker’s Built On Glass is one of my favorite debuts from 2014 and is currently featured in this year’s Ten Bands One Cause benefit for breast cancer, warranting it a review aside from “Throwback Thursday”. This soulful album fuses jazz, R&B and electronic music in a way that no other artist has done so blissfully. His style is comparative to James Blake although his range is more varied as reflected by his many genre influences. Overall, the record provides a cool and relaxed sound that flawlessly showcases the artist’s talent. Each song evokes a different emotion and there is rarely a dull moment.


Favorite Tracks:
1. Talk Is Cheap
2. 1998
3. Gold
4. Melt
5. Release Your Problems

Random Fact: Chet Faker’s real name is Nicholas Murphy and his moniker is a homage to one of his favorite jazz artists, Chet Baker.

Ten Bands One Cause re-issues albums on limited edition pink vinyl to raise money for Gilda’s Club which is an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers. Other artists partaking in this year’s benefit include Ingrid Michaelson, Run The Jewels and Joey Bada$$. Stay tuned for a giveaway of this limited edition pink vinyl during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

New Order’s 10th studio release Music Complete is an unexpected and fresh return to the scene. Emphasizing an electronic spin on their alternative rock style, the album is bursting with dance-friendly songs that even die-hard fans will appreciate. Despite featuring guest artists Elly Jackson from La Roux, Iggy Pop and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, the record doesn’t stray too far from their classic ’80s sound. The mood ranges from melancholy to cheerful but is always engaging and renders their most cohesive work in decades. Although there is nothing truly arresting about this album, their experimental spirit is not overlooked and the band deserves credit for continuing to remain current.


Favorite Tracks:
1. Superheated
2. Unlearn This Hatred
3. People On The High Line
4. Tutti Frutti
5. Plastic

Random Fact: Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers produced two tracks on the album, “Singularity” and “Unlearn This Hatred”.